GATX: A Taiwanese Air Tool Maker Setting Global Standards

GATX: A Taiwanese Air Tool Maker Setting Global Standards

GATX Industry Corp.,, established in 1982, is a leading manufacturer producing both proprietary and OEM air tools for wide-ranging industries and clientele. With a rich history of nearly 40 years, GATX is known for offering top-notch products at affordable price points, a rarity among other competitors building these powerful and versatile tools.

The company initially started off by manufacturing impact wrenches, die grinders, and spray guns before expanding to a huge portfolio of pneumatic power tools. Now, GATX sets a global precedent in their production of customized, premium air tools.

Key Differences between Pneumatic and Electric Tools
Pneumatic or air tools are powered by compressed air instead of electric power. Compared to electric power tools, air tools are more affordable, lighter, and compact. Moreover, air tools can also be replaced more frequently and due to their adjustable air pressure, deliver better torque outputs than electric tools.

Air tools tend to come with fewer moving parts, which invariably brings down the maintenance efforts required to keep them in top shape. On the other hand, electric tools can’t be used interchangeably, which combined with their steep prices, makes them an expensive up-front investment. While pneumatic tools store air in their compressors and can be saved for future use, the same is not true with electric tools.

The many advantages of pneumatic tools make them an ideal and increasingly popular choice among industry leaders because of the appliances’ efficient and precise performance capabilities. Based on the latest studies, the sales of air tools have increased to over $1.3 billion per annum for the past few years.