Mask production ramping up with new equipment

Mask production ramping up with new equipment

Taiwan is ramping up production of surgical masks using newly acquired equipment with a goal of 10 million per day by next week as domestic demand surges amid the COVID-19 epidemic, Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Jong-chin said.

With delivery of the machines, 60 new production lines have been opened at manufacturing plants across Taiwan, although some of the equipment still needs fine tuning, Shen said.

Taiwan’s daily output of masks is expected to reach 9.2 million on average this week and when the production lines reach full capacity next week, it will be 10 million per day, he said.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs said that US$2.99 million would be spent to set up another 32 production lines to help meet demand.

The equipment for those 32 lines is expected to be delivered by the end of March, Chen said.

Taiwan has enough raw materials to produce up to 15 million masks per day until the end of June, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, President Tsai Ing-wen recently visited a Yi Ting Non-Woven Co mask manufacturing plant in Taoyuan and thanked everyone involved in the efforts to contain COVID-19.

The company is one of several contracted by the government to help ramp up mask production.

The factory has four machines churning out roughly 400,000 masks per day, Yi Ting said.

Its daily output is expected to rise to 600,000 when it adds two more machines to its production lines, the company said.