JSC Instys’s heat insulating cup holder with carry handle

JSC Instys’s heat insulating cup holder with carry handle

JSC Intsys Co. established in 2009, is the distributor of ITASCA in Taiwan offering FLAC、FLAC3D、PFC、UDEC、3DEC. Recently, though, the company has embarked on a new direction. Leveraging their expertise in various kinds of modelling software, JSC has created a product the world has been waiting for but which no company has quite managed to pull off—an insulated cup holder with carry handle. This revolutionary design not only protects a person’s hand from hot coffee, it also helps take the heat out of global warming as well.

Scooting into a convenience store, coffee shop, or drink shop on the way to work to get that cup of hot coffee or tea has become a ritual during the morning rush hour. Alternately, when you’ve got a leisurely hour to spare, or maybe even the whole day, literally grabbing a hot cup of your favorite beverage and getting mobile with it was always a tricky business.

Usually when taking out hot drinks, the retailer provides an insulated cup cover made of corrugated paper, a sleeve that slips around the outside forming an insulated surface that may get warm, but protects a bare hand from the extreme heat radiating from the scalding-hot cup contents. That’s fine, but leaves one hand out of action—all your belongings are relegated to the other hand. You also need to get to where you’re going whilst keeping the cup balanced, walking smoothly so you don’t dislodge the cup’s cover and potentially dousing your hand, arm, or even someone nearby, with its lava-hot contents.

Using a disposable bag is an option and many drink vendors around the world provide a thin single-use plastic bag in which a customer suspends the drink container. They can slip their arm through the elongated handles and dangle the container although care must be taken to keep the container upright, which, as everybody knows, is not easy. This is also hardly an environmentally friendly solution. Shopping bags are bad enough without having millions of single-use plastic bags polluting the environment. It’s also possible to simply transfer a hot drink to a thermos or thermos-cup they bring just for that purpose. But this can also pose the same problems of keeping the cup upright during movement, and is also quite a clumsy solution.

The best solution is to add a handle of some sort. That’s a simple enough idea, but you have to do it right—enter JSC’s new product, their heat insulating cup holder with carry handle. This innovative solution to the problem won a gold medal at the 2019 Taiwan Innovation and Technology Expo, and has been awarded patents from Taiwan, the United States, and China, as well as international PCT patent applications.

Many elements combine to make this product distinctively different: it can be lifted; it’s not too long (doesn’t dangle down); it can take plenty of hard knocks; you can carry three drinks in one hand; designed to be used over and over, which is a win for the environment.

Fundamental design ideas:
  1. Add a carry handle function to the traditional paper insulator
  2. Makes use of a single ring carry handle
  3. The curved carry handle optimizes the strength of the non-uniform corrugated paper handle whilst looking good at the same time.
  4. Flexible handle structure: The fixed end of the handle is inclined to produce an approximate spliced structure, which will not damage the fixed end during large displacement, so it is allowed to carry three cups of drinks with one hand.