Yang Liber Industry to Embrace Opportunity from Aging Society with Exclusive 4-Motor Lift Chair

Yang Liber Industry to Embrace Opportunity from Aging Society with Exclusive 4-Motor Lift Chair

According to statistics of United Nations (UN), the world's super-aged population will fall at 20% in 2050. In response to imbalance between lower birthrate and aging structure, “Silver Hair' Market” has become the new business opportunity. According to Japan Ministry of Industry and Economy, the global silver hair’s market will reach US$37.38 trillion in 2025; Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, the silver-haired market in Taiwan can reach up to NT$3.6 trillion. With over 40 years of experience in precision parts development, and with establishment of health department, Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd. (The Live Young) focusing on medical and massaging assistive devices, including multi-functional lift chair, rhythm exercise chair, and passive exercise bed. The unique design of the products received positive feedback from the market, earing considerable export orders to step into the international market.

As the population keeps aging, patients with chronic diseases grows, ratio of subhealth group raises, and global awareness of health consumption increases, The Live Young, located in Dali, Central Taiwan, starts to assess the requirement of assistive devices at airport lounges, hotels, and nursing homes besides home and medical application. The Live Young developed its exclusive 4-Motor Lift Chair with a flexible lying range from 90 to 150 degrees that the users can desirably lie in any angles. With zero-gravity tilt adjustment, the body can be totally relaxed, improving breathing cycle. The unique vertical adjustment capability ranging from 42 to 60 cm (height from the ground to the seat) can fit users with different heights. The lightweight structure design can provide strong and stable support, especially for those with knee joint degeneration, knee injuries and difficulties to bend or stand. It is the best assistive device for the elderly and the best option to relax for people with extreme tiredness, making the life more comfortable and cozier.

Other products of The Live Yong are also very poplar. For example, the rhythm exercise chair is capable of lying with unlimited horizontal rhythm; the chair with WBPA feature is designed with 3-phase auto mode – sleeping mode with slow motion for 50 minutes, relaxing mode with medium motion for 40 minutes, and exercise mode for high motion for 30 minutes; users can choose any mode as they want. Another popular product, the passive exercise bed, is also designed with the whole body periodic acceleration (WBPA) principle to horizontally swing the body in short distance to efficiently help the body exercise or relax.

The Live Young was established in 1980, majorly producing automobile and hardware parts, stamping parts, sewing machining parts, and precision processing products. Its strict quality control, from factory production, assembly, and shipping, requires not only pre-assembly of material and parts, but also strict inspection before the products are shipped to the client, efficiently satisfying the clients’ expectation with products of best quality and reasonable price. The Live Young has been complimented and commissioned by world-class brands such as Juki, Brother, and Janome for processing products. The Live Young has also obtained ISO9001 Quality Certificate since 2003. Considering the rising awareness of health in Taiwan, and the increasing needs of fitness and massage equipment, The Live Young has been innovating new idea with its abundant experience, and also developed the health department in 2003 with a new brand name “Again” to run for global market; the massaging series obtained TUV CE certificate in 2005.

The Live Young has the public-recognized outstanding research and development team with the latest technical knowledge and techniques to help ODM or OEM design center to bring ideas into products; they are also capable of customized design as required by different clients, providing professional suggestions to the products. With ISO9001:2008 certificate, The Live Young not only produces metal parts, but also provides various production and processing services for different products.


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