FOBE Electric, the all-inclusive motor manufacturer

FOBE Electric, the all-inclusive motor manufacturer

FOBE Electronic Industry Co., Ltd., is not your average machinery factory; it’s a top-level motor manufacturer and the designated partner of choice for many well-known Taiwan motor companies. Although FOBE was established in early 2015, senior management have nearly 40 years of motor technology and manufacturing experience. The company sells FOBE-branded motors and produces on an OEM basis.

One way FOBE sets itself apart from the rest is in the commitment to providing customers with a one-stop, all-inclusive service: from planning and designing each project, providing suggestions and ensuring the relevant certification, through to carrying out inspections according to customer requirements, and of course the extremely important follow-up after-sales service. FOBE is so dedicated to the job that even if a customer has a problem with another brand’s motor they will provide evaluation and advice on the appropriate repairs.

FOBE produces motors in the following general categories:
Standard and Lightweight low-voltage three-phase induction motors, Inverter motors,
Brake motors, Electromagnetic brakes, AC brake, and DC brakes.
Specific products include:
Motors: Vertical motor, Horizontal motor, Aluminum shell horizontal motor
Brake motors: Vertical brake motor, Horizontal brake motor
Inverter motors: Vertical inverter duty motor, Horizontal inverter motor
Phase induction motors: Phase induction motor
Brakes: Back cover brake, Safety brake, Power off brake, Power off brake(Overhead crane), Power off brake (hand release), Power-off brakes-miniature type 1

Global advances in automated production are currently centered on world environmental concerns involving energy savings, carbon reduction, and generally “green” environmental protection issues. With this in mind, KOBE is working to combine the insights of motor R&D on the one hand and inverter research and development on the other. The idea is to come up with integrated system solutions that are extremely efficient at saving energy and in providing high accuracy in the control and management of mechanical systems. In-demand products are the immediate focus of product development in the electronic control business.

Heavy electric motors are widely used in industrial and consumer products, and global demand is stable. In particular, the motors produced in Taiwan have an excellent worldwide reputation, and constitute the main category of heavy electric export products. In conformity with governments' energy saving and carbon reduction policies around the world, the development of heavy electric motors focuses on the pursuit of high efficiency, environmental protection and low carbon emissions. KOBE is thus committed to the development of products with low energy consumption and low material resource waste. The company is also committed to keeping pace with the industry trend to the miniaturization of wind and hydraulic equipment and thus the motors used to power them.

According to an International Energy Agency analysis, industrial machinery driven by motors which includes machine tools, pumps, air compressors, and fans are currently the largest consumers of power in industry, accounting for about 46% of the world's total electricity consumption. Even small increases in efficiency are important in this regard.

For motor manufacturers, then, the development of high-efficiency motors is not simply about business considerations. Corporate social responsibility is viewed as equally important. For example, the current international motor efficiency standard is based on the IEC 60034-30 international standard formulated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which classifies motors into IE1, IE2, IE3 and IE4. Through the implementation period of the energy efficiency standards for single motors in advanced countries such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, the energy efficiency management of motors in major countries around the world has gradually developed towards IE3 or above. Hence, going forward, KOBE’s motor designs will be laser-focused on conformity to IE3 as well as looking to IE4.