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HOLTEK launch its new Sub-1GHz OOK/FSK RF Transmitter Touch MCU

HOLTEK SEMICONDUCTOR INCORPORATION announce the release of its new Sub-1GHz OOK/FSK RF Transmitter Touch Flash MCUs, the BC66F2235/BC66F2245/ BC66F2255.
The new series of devices are SoC chips which integrate an RF transmitter, touch key functions in addition to an A/D Flash MCU core. This set of powerful functions allows the devices to meet with the requirements of RF and Touch applications, such as wireless doorbells, wall touch switches, integrated ceiling remote controls, smart clothes hanger remote controls and other related products.
The devices include a Flash Program Memory capacity of 2K/4K/8K×16, a Data Memory capacity of 352×8, two Compact type 10-bit Timer Modules and one Periodic type 10-bit Timer Module, a 1-/4-/4-channel 12-bit A/D converter, an IAP function and an SPI/I²C/UART communication interface module.
They also provide 8/14/16 touch keys, with an ultra-low power consumption having a standby current less than 4μA at 3V/25℃ for a single touch key. In addition, the devices have a programmable RF transmission power of up to +13dBm. The integrated RF transmitter meets with ETSI/FCC safety specification requirements.
Holtek said, “This series of devices are supplied in 16-pin NSOP-EP, 24-pin SSOP-EP and 32-pin QFN package types and meet with the industrial specification requirements of -40°C~85°C operating temperature. The professional Holtek RF and Touch service teams also stand ready to provide technical support which offers customers a means of rapid application development.”