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WTT PCB manufacturing offers great value to global industries

WILL TAIWAN TECHNOLOGY (WTT) has been dedicated to PCB manufacturing since 1999. Operated by an experienced team, WTT provides quality oriented service to their partners with advantage and flexibility such as small lot producing, cost competitive, short lead time and environmental friendly production line.
WTT has been serving customers for over 20 years already, most of whom are Japan based global companies including Sanyo Denki, OMRON and Toshiba, as well as US based company, Excelitas. To further fulfill partners, WTT is on the way to passing the ISO/TS16949 certificate in the first half of 2022, according to management.
For adapting fragmented IoT market, WTT built up a strong team and supply chain to serve customers from PCB, PCBA to end product assembling. This supply chain has experts who focus on different domain such as manufacturing, RF design, Power design and Mechanism, optics, circuit integration. The major advantage of WTT’s rapid response supply chain offering high quality and convenient electronics services have contributed great value to many different industries around the world.