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Leading vehicle antenna manufacturer Unictron offers multi-band vehicle antennas


Multi-band vehicle antennas are devices designed to operate in more than one frequency band and are suitable for any application where there is a device connected to the internet or a network. With the evolution of the critical communications industry, multi-band vehicle antennas have become more and more important and widespread as the number of antennas required on a vehicle enormously increased to keep up with the data throughput. 


Combining different-frequency antennas into one multi-band antenna packaged within a single module, multi-band vehicle antennas can receive and transmit signals simultaneously from multiple wireless technologies, including cellular / LTE, WiFi MIMO, and GPS/GNSS. Multi-band vehicle antennas can reduce the cost and time for installation. Furthermore, they can future-proof the vehicle. For instance, the users currently may not need the functionality of GNSS, cellular or Wi-Fi capability. However, they will likely adopt this functionality in the next few years due to its ubiquity. In this case, they will not need to add any additional external equipment.


With its vehicle antennas, Unictron Technology Corporation (Unictron) is a market leader in the automobile industry. Unictron’s uniquely designed Multi-Band Vehicle Antenna is built to enable compatibility with various wireless networking such as WiFi 6E, Bluetooth, AM/FM, ISM bands, C-V2X/DSRC, DAB/SDARS, etc., and can be used in different applications depending on which system it is integrated with: fleet management, telematics, vehicle navigation. These robust antennas are waterproof and suitable for outdoor applications requiring precise GNSS location data and premium MIMO LTE and MIMO Wi-Fi connections. 


Another groundbreaking invention is Unictron’s castle patch antenna for GNSS positioning with enhanced accuracy. In contrast to standard stacked patch antennas (two patch antennas stacked one on top of the other) for dual-band signal reception capability (a.k.a. high precision GPS), Unictron’s castle patch antenna is made of one single body. This allows not only a thinner profile while keeping similar performance, but also a wider bandwidth, so that GPS, GLONASS, and BeiDou can simultaneously be used as the primary signal source at any given time.When compared to conventional stacked patch antennas that are 40x40x8mm in size, the castle patch is smaller at 40x40x6mm and delivers higher gain in the L1 and L5 frequency bands.


Unictron Technologies Corporation, founded in 1988, is a world leader in developing and manufacturing novel antennas and antenna modules. Unictron has received over 60 patents around the world, including miniature multi-band chip antennas with a frequency-tuning design for easy design-in and circularly polarized rectangular patch antennas to help customers minimize product size. Unictron is also a leading provider of piezoelectric ceramic elements (ultrasonic sensors) and circuit protection components. All of the product designs are based on a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs. We also help in decreasing product development time so that clients can benefit sooner from realizing the new ideas.


With a strong R&D and manufacturing team, Unictron keeps up with changing technology trends and automates operations to achieve manufacturing flexibility and speed up production. We are committed to offering high-quality products and services. Thus, we provide you with peace of mind through an international quality management system (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, IATF16949) and RoHS compliance to restrict the use of hazardous substances to protect the environment and public health. What’s the critical secret to Unictron’s outstanding products? Unictron values all customers’ feedback received so that improvements in product and service qualities can be made accordingly.


Unictron provides the most competitive and versatile antenna solutions for most wireless devices, with many combinations to address customer-required features. Whether it’s a 5-in-1 5G NR/ 4G LTE/GNSS Combination Antenna, 13-in-1 GPS/ GLONASS Shark Fin Antenna, castle patch antennas, the selection and customization sure support your individual needs. This wide range of high-quality antennas is now available at amazing prices. Contact Unictron today and find out more!  


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