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Leader in industrial manufacturing Noveltek releases new power pallet trucks


The new Noveltek Power Pallet trucks save users 30% on electricity and have a five-year battery life. This combines for big savings.


Nearly every factory, warehouse, logistics company, and even large retailers like Walmart use pallet trucks to make their workers’ lives easier. Without them, moving heavy goods or placing goods in high places in storage would be next to impossible.


This has made the demand for quality products in this space very high. In exciting news, Taiwan-based leader in industrial manufacture Noveltek answered the call. To the praise of customers, Noveltek recently released a premium quality, affordable line of new Power Pallet trucks. These have been designed for long battery life, to cut electricity costs, and each comes backed up by an enthusiastic 18-month warranty.


According to the company, the power pallet truck plays an important role in entry-level material handling equipment. These are electric pallet trucks, which are much smaller and simpler to use than forklifts. They are easier to drive, lift with, and stack heavy pallets. The operator walks behind the power pallet truck, rather than riding in a cab, which makes accidents less likely, in most expert opinions.


The most popular model of NOVELTEK’s power pallet trucks is the APT-20. It comes with an electric carbonless brushless motor that requires no maintenance. It is stable when driving and possesses strong climbing ability, while saving more than 30% on electricity costs. The APT-20 uses the American Curtis microcomputer control system, which is easily customized to meet user needs. Battery levels, warning codes and much more can all be seen with a glance at the tool’s controller.


The electro-mechanical meter is manufactured in Europe under strict quality control and allows users up to eight hours of use. A full charge also takes eight hours.  The battery itself has a lifespan of five years, which is over 300% longer than its competition. The power pallet truck can carry a stunning 2,000 kg (4,000 lbs.) and safely lifts up to heights of two meters (over six feet).


Recommended industries for this type of pallet jack include food and beverage factories, general warehouses, large freezers, and mass retail stores. In all of these categories, this can be expected to be a tool that is used quite often, saving time, money, and helping storage spaces be optimally organized.


All Noveltek models come with an 18-month warranty and can be customized no matter the size of the order. The fork length, width, stacker lifting height, and stacker casing material can all be adjusted according to the needs of the customer. The team of experts at the company are quite happy to discuss any individual needs and give their best, professional advice based on very deep experience. They are always a quick call or email away and are enthusiastic about helping clients large or small.


Importantly, the entire Noveltek catalog follows all EEC-89/392 regulations and has “CE” marks on them for easy identification. The factory-direct prices deliver significant savings, and the company is also well known for its quick shipping worldwide.


To learn more or to order, be sure to contact Noveltek at:


Website: www.liftruck.com.tw

Product Page: https://liftruck.en.taiwantrade.com/product/1589393

Email: noveltek@liftruck.net