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Union Optronics Corp., the professional laser diode manufacturing

Based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Union Optronics Corp. (UOC) has been dedicated to semiconductor laser manufacturing since 1996.

UOC manufactures III-V semiconductor laser diodes (LDs), such as GaAs-based red and infrared MOCVD Epitaxy wafers, edge-emitting LD bare chips, packaged laser diodes, and OEM/ODM services. We are also the main domestic laser diodes provider and cooperate with many research institutes. 

The wavelengths of UOC laser diodes cover from 630nm to 1550nm. The applications include laser leveler, laser pointer, laser cinema, bar code reader, sensor, optical storage, optical communication, industrial laser, and medical laser. 

Product quality is our priority. From production design, phase check, material sourcing, and process verification to final product inspection and goods shipping, UOC pays attention to every detail to ensure product quality.

For 27 years, UOC has been providing laser diodes and semiconductor laser foundry services for many customers around the world. We have excellent manufacturing and cooperative development experience. UOC offers a comprehensive set of services, from product consulting, material configuration, process design, parameter management, specification control, manufacturing, product testing, shipment control…etc. 

UOC website: https://www.uocnet.com 

Contact: marketing@uocnet.com sales@uocnet.com