Khalid Alghamdi has been in the investment banking industry for more than
two decades, starting at Merrill Lynch as a stockbroker. Subsequently, he
joined Salisbury Associates as a corporate finance projects supervisor. From
2004 to 2016 he led GIB Capital’s investment banking effort in Riyadh. In
January 2018, he joined Mizuho Saudi Arabia as a managing director/executive
board member. In September 2019 he joined Credit Suisse Saudi Arabia (CSSA)
as CEO/executive board member.

You became CEO of ANB Capital in May 2021. What is your vision for the
company and what targets will characterize your operations?
Two key factors drive an investment bank’s success: people and technology.
Upon joining, I inherited a strong client base and infrastructure.  We also have
full support from, our parent bank, which has access to a client base
comprising more than 2 million Saudi-based individuals and corporates. With
such capabilities and strengths already in place, my mission is to continue to
diversify our product offering while also identifying synergistic acquisition and
investment opportunities that bring ANB Capital to the forefront of the Saudi
capital markets.
Since 2019, ANB Capital’s revenue and net profit have grown at CAGRs of 17%
and 68%, respectively, and we still have a long runway ahead of us. At this
time, we are heavily investing in our team and technology, and we are setting
up new business lines.  We have bolstered our Alternative Investments, Asset
Management, Investment Banking, and Brokerage Services teams with talent
acquired from local and international markets, to expand our existing product
portfolio and grow into areas that are new to us but where we know there is
demand among investors.
Within 3 years, ANB Capital will be much stronger within its existing business
lines while also contributing to the Saudi capital markets by introducing new
offerings and services, and enhancing the capability set of the Saudi talent
through, amongst other things, the transfer of knowledge from our
international partners.

ANB Capital offers the full spectrum of conventional and Shariah investment
services to all client categories including private & institutional investors.
 How has your portfolio of services been evolving over the recent years?
The continued evolution of the Saudi capital markets and the increasing
awareness of local investors compels us to continue expanding our product
offering. Within asset management, while we offer Saudi equity and fixed-
income funds, we also intend to bring a much more expansive suite of
products to our clients including, as earlier indicated, global, thematic, and
income funds.  Within the space of real estate, we are diversified across Saudi
Arabia and we intend to grow internationally as well.  In the brokerage space,
we aim to add more markets and significantly enhance the trading experience
for our clients.
We are well aware that the institutional business has taken on much more
significance in the last 12-18 months.  Towards this end, we are in the process
of setting up our research desk and scaling up the trading services offered to
institutional clients.  This is also firmly in line with my belief that in a people-
oriented business, it is our resources that will drive our momentum forward.
Vision 2030 has identified the financial sector as one of the key development
areas of the Saudi economy, and the increasing importance of Saudi Arabia as
a global financial hub will create compelling opportunities for capital market
institutions such as ourselves.  With Riyadh gaining prominence as a financial
center and the Saudi investor base keenly interested in innovative products
and opportunities, our product offering will have to evolve to meet investor
requirements.  This in turn will create a virtuous cycle that enhances local
know-how and our ability to create Saudi-based financial solutions linked to a
global marketplace.

In the past, ANB Capital has been awarded as “the most customer-focused
brokerage house in the MENA region”.  What’s behind this success and how
are you working to enhance the reputation of the company among the local
and regional community?
Historically, the Saudi capital market has been dominated by retail traders. 
While institutional traders have begun to gather a larger share of Saudi
brokerage volumes, retail traders continue to be of overwhelming importance. 

Therefore, our operations and customer service functions are geared towards
ensuring that our clients always have a superior trading experience.
We recently introduced an upgraded trading experience which our clients have
received very warmly.  Having said that, we also realize that our clients are
always looking for the next and better experience, which ties in with my
statement that our business is also very much technology driven.  Over the
next year, we will continue to introduce new features to our platform to make
trading in Saudi and international markets an easy and exciting experience for
our clients.

What are your main priorities set in your 2022\23 agenda?
We are setting the foundation for growth over the next several years.  We
intend to grow our investment management offering significantly, with new
funds planned to be launched at regular intervals up to the end of 2023. At the
same time, we intend to maintain the momentum that we have built in the
real estate space by continually bringing new funds to the market, introducing
REITs, and overall contributing to the development of the real estate sector,
elevating the quality of life for Saudi citizens in line with Vision 2030.
Our investment banking team is working on several high-profile M&A and
public offering transactions, which are all expected to complete within the next
9 months.  Greater emphasis has been placed on the private equity space and
we will bring global tech opportunities and local investment opportunities to
our investor base.
We will also be launching sell-side research capabilities which will provide
insights into global and regional macroeconomics trends, publish reports on
Saudi corporates and provide pre-IPO research on upcoming listings.  Our focus
on institutional clients will be further strengthened by the introduction of a
dedicated sales trading desk.
We also have to stay at the forefront of technology developments.  We will
continually upgrade our technology platforms – targeted at institutional and
retail clients – further enhancing market access for our clients.


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