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Taiwan rebrands Taipei Cycle 2023


From January to July 2022, the export value of Taiwan’s bicycles, e-bikes, and bicycle parts reached a year-on-year growth of 29%. Notably, the growth of Taiwan’s e-bike exports has surpassed bicycles.


The pandemic and subsequent supply chain constraints sparked a major transformation of the e-bike and bicycle industry in Taiwan. “In 2023, Taipei Cycle will be rebranded,” announced TAITRA chairman James Huang.


“The show will be focusing on five key themes in sustainability, including resilient supply chain, digital connections, vibrant innovations, dynamic lifestyle, and sustainable moves. These themes will cover supply chain, OEM, brands, smart wearables, training software and equipment, and bike tour services.”


TAITRA expects that e-bike exports will exceed traditional bicycles by 2025. Whether this will also bring more new jobs was not mentioned during the TAITRA press conference held on 13th September. According to James Huang, the industry employs some 20,000 people today. Nevertheless, the relevance of the industry for the national economy is limited. Obviously, the IT and electronics industry are dominating the economy. The e-bike and bicycle industry represent just over 1% of the country’s total export.


During the panel discussion, Robert Wu, President of KMC, stated, “With people becoming more accepting of healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, support for a market that focuses on smart devices and sustainability has dramatically increased. As a result, Taiwan’s bicycle industry has a great standing point due to its strong supply chain and its strategic positioning in technologies.” Wu was not only referring to the bicycle industry, but more importantly the IT industry which plays a decisive role in the country’s economy. The combination of both industries will play an important role in the future developments of Taiwan’s e-bike industry.