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Brain Navi Biotechnology to partner with Medtreq Medical Equipment on NaoTrac Neurosurgical Robot for the Arab countries and Egypt


Brain Navi, the leading surgical robot manufacturer in Taiwan, announced a strategic partnership with the distributor, Medtreq Medical Equipment, to expand the distribution of the Surgical Navigation Robot, NaoTrac.


The partnership will offer the robot throughout the GCC region, Jordan, Egypt, and other countries in the Arab countries and the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore which will be covered by the Medtreq branch in the Philippines.


NaoTrac, a CE-certified and local government approval neurosurgical navigation robot from Brain Navi Biotechnology, is embedding dissimilar technology named SMART Technology which combines machine vision and in-house algorithm to perform robot-assisted surgery, to streamline surgical procedures with real-time imaging and minimal invasive outcomes.