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Artificial satellites provide mobile communication, meteorological observations, scientific experiments, and geographic photos. What supports these sophisticated and expensive instruments in a frigid and harsh environment? The delivery pizza is hot at home. Well-known chain pizza companies can keep the pizza hut and crispy when it is delivered to customers. The secret is that the delivery box of the pizza delivery person is not just an ordinary incubator.

The deep space satellites that carry human hope, the hot and delicious pizza to satisfy the appetite, the car’s windshield to ensure no condensation, and the heated stirrer on the chemistry laboratory table, have one thing in typical – ultra-thin and soft Heater. On the Taiwan-made Formosa satellite, we are advancing into space with Taiwan’s cutting-edge technology so that the ultra-thin, soft heaters continue to heat up in the corners of your life.

Heat Super Conductive Heat-Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, mainly engaged in developing heating element products and solutions and a series of thermal application products, expanding heating products to the global market. Specializing in the manufacture and production of electric heaters, it is the first supplier of electric heaters in Taiwan and has many years of product development experience. The ultra-thin, flexible electric heaters we produce are composed of a heating layer and an insulating layer. The heating layer is mainly made of superconducting material or lithosphere. The insulating layer is widely selected for various purposes. Primarily provide transparent materials for PET, Polyimide, silicone, and mica language, allowing developers to apply in multiple fields.

Heat-Tech’s heating technology is not only used in small and compact but also large and beautiful. Our self-made thermal fan is composed of a large fan and a super-conductive heating element, providing hot solid air that does not consume oxygen, does not burn humidity, and does not raise dust; suitable for space heating in industrial places, greenhouse temperature control, and temperature control environment that pays attention to safety.

Heat-Tech Co., Ltd. has had good experience and technical ability in the past, but it is necessary to continue to improve the heating needs and user experience of customers. Heat-Tech will continue efforts to provide heating solutions for users in all corners of the world.