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Plastic wide-mouth bottle, Composited Injection Blow Moulding Machine, HRIB-25


2022 TaipeiPLAS, Plastic & Rubber Machinery Excellence in Research Innovation Award.

Composited Injection Blow Moulding Machine
Model | HRIB Series
Clamping force | 25 tons
Produced product | plastic perform to bottle
Injection blowing machine feature:
Break through the possibility of a vertical injection molding machine in injection production, integrating the advantages of a multi-station rotary vertical injection molding machine and adding the composite functions of other stations.
1. 4 stages in one machine
2. small space occupation
3. reproducibility of 99.9% up of the rotation position
4. reduction of mold change time by 60% and the mold make cost by 80%
5. ideal for producing various styles and small quantities of products