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Turkish company produces a robot fluent in 3 languages! Arabic, Turkish and English

The Turkish company “Agnsoft” for electronic software has produced its humanoid robot “Akinci-4”, which is fluent in the languages: Arabic, Turkish and English. The new robot, produced at the Akin Robotis factory in the central state of Konya, is characterized by its ability to perform 37 different movements. Akinji-4 robot, which is equipped with artificial intelligence technology, has the advantage of 3D vision. The robot is also good at recognizing people, interpreting the information it learns, and determining the age and gender of people. Robot-4 can be programmed in a variety of ways, and it can adopt business functions in many sectors. Ozgur Akin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Agensoft, said that his company has been working for 9 years in the field of robotics systems. He explained that the “Aqnji-4” robot is a continuation of the series of robots produced by the company, and that the new robot is able to walk and perform multiple movements. Akın confirmed that all parts of the robot, including the engine and programming system, were produced by local Turkish capabilities. He pointed out that the robot is able to identify more than 3 million people, and keep them in its memory. He continued, “Through the sensitive systems in it, the new robot has the four sensory characteristics (vision, hearing, speech, and smell), and the robot is able to speak in Turkish, English and Arabic.”