Noah Ibrahim CEO, Novarick Homes

  Novarick Homes seeks to not just build and sell properties, but also create a complete and sustainable ecosystem.   What led you to establish Novarick Homes, and what have been your major achievements to date? I chose to be in real estate because I want to be part of the process of helping people […]

Habeeb Alebiosu Co-founder & CEO, Viathan

  Nigeria’s largest integrated distributed energy utility, Viathan is applying energy and technology to industrialize Africa.   What trends or business operations has the pandemic permanently established or changed at Viathan? Viathan had great plans for 2020. Despite the pandemic, it was a pivotal year for us. Our business model was tested. We had to […]

Eyad Al Bunyan CEO, Alargan

  “2021 has been one of our best years recently.”   What is your current view of the company and the sector right now? The pandemic has had a positive impact on the market. During this time, many made changes to their living styles and gave greater thought to their needs. For example, there was […]

Bolaji Osunsanya CEO, Axxela Limited

  A licensed shipper on the West African Gas Pipeline, Axxela Limited is pioneering the development of natural gas distribution in Nigeria.   What does the latest addition of 18km in Ogun State to your gas pipeline network mean for Nigeria’s gas sector? The pipeline was developed by Axxela, via its subsidiary Transit Gas Nigeria […]

Areej Mohsin Haider Darwish Chairperson ACERE, Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD)

Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC constantly focuses on remaining ahead of the competition and differentiating itself in a challenging market.   What have been the company’s main activities in the past year? 2020 was an unprecedented and challenging year in various aspects due to COVID-19. Keeping our goals and objectives in mind, we worked on overcoming […]

لقاء مع الدكتور محمد المبارك خالد التيرابي الخبير الاستشاري في التدريب والتطوير الإعلامي

الدكتور: محمد المبارك خالد التيرابي الخبير الاستشاري في التدريب والتطوير الإعلامي ( بخبرات دولية) تجارب دولية للإعلامي والمدرب زهاء اربعين عاماً في نحو اربعين دولة.ء اول مراسل لقناتي (الجزيرة وابوظبي) الفضائيتين في الشرق الأقصى انطلاقاً من العاصمة كوالالمبور.ء برعت في شيء لم أدرسه درست شيئاً لم ابرع فيه!!!ء الكفاءات قبل الشهادات وليس العكس… الشهادة تحمل […]

Dato Nadzim Johan President Islamic Consumer Association Malaysia (PPIM)

Interview with Dato Nadzim Johan President Islamic Consumer Association Malaysia (PPIM) @ Putra villa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Amnah:  Assalamualaikum  Dato Nadzim Johan and a warm welcome Arab Asia Trade magazine. Azine for an interview: We are one of the most reputed, trusted and oldest Arabian, Asian, and African trade magazines. We are successfully in the market […]

لقاء مع المهندس والمخترع عصام حمدي

المخترع والمهندس: عصام حمدي عقلية عربية فذة أجبرت الجميع على احترامها وتقدير منجزاتها، تحمل في جعبتها 5 براءات اختراع بريطانية بحق الايداع و اربعة عشر براءة اختراع مسجلة في دمشق اثنين و ثلاثين “محضر إبداع” إضافة إلى أكثر من مئتي مشروع اختراع غير مسجل، واختراعاته رغم بساطتها إلا أنها ذات أهمية كبرى للمجتمع.ء لمشاهدة المقابلة […]

Mr. Budi Kusmaworto, President Director of PT Kertas Leces

Details Q: PT Kertas Leces (Persero) is one of the oldest paper mills in Indonesia having been originally established by the Dutch. Given Kertas Leces’ long history, how is the company currently positioning itself within Indonesia’s pulp and paper sector? A: At the moment we are no longer a key player in the pulp and […]