Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Leads Industrial Upgrading with Pollution-Free Vacuum Coating

Dah Young Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd, a leading vacuum coating equipment manufacturer, has been pushing industrial upgrading in Taiwan for over half a century. 

Since its establishment in 1968, the company has been providing customers with the latest and best coating solutions. With more than a thousand vacuum coating equipment in continuous operation worldwide, Dah Young is the leader in the field of industrial coating in Taiwan.

Dah Young has experienced numerous milestones in the field, such as the development of the first optical coating equipment in Taiwan in 1974, the latest flexible electronic R2R coating technology, and the world-renowned NCVM mobile phone coating technology. 

The company’s thin laboratory provides a complete platform with self-developed equipment and a variety of thin film measuring instruments. It also has an experienced R&D team and an ng-term combined domestic and foreign industry-academic research resources to maintain the R&D energy that keeps pace with the times.

Dah Young’s recent “Smart Monitoring Realized Process Technology Development Plan for High-density Plasma Mass Production Equipment” introduces foreign advanced intelligent control exclusive technology, strengthens Dah Young’s research and development capabilities in equipment intelligence, and develops smart monitoring capabilities. 

The new equipment, including winding coating equipment and batch-type high-power pulse magnetron sputtering equipment, is in line with Industry 4.0 standards, driving the development of domestic-related industries towards international market access. Dah Young’s innovation and exploration of new technologies are paving the way for cutting-edge high-value technology in the vacuum coating equipment industry.

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