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Responding to the global trend towards flexible, high-quality manufacturing, the Computer Servo Control Tensile Strength Tester has been designed to cater to the market demand.

The machine, primarily integrated with a computer control software system, swiftly changes the Gripper, Pneumatic Tools, and Vacuum Pad to accommodate various applications, thereby facilitating agile lab testing changes.

Rather than enduring time-consuming manual production line changes, which could take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours depending on complexity, users of the Computer Servo Control Tensile Strength Tester can make instantaneous modifications through alterations in the program settings, thus meeting lab testing requirements with ease.

The mechanism design and soft (tough) body development of this machine is independently managed. The machine complies with testing standards, boasting independently developed software, firmware, circuit boards, and electronic control design (human-machine interface, PLC) – all focusing on user-friendly operation and machine design.

The machine provides corresponding testing instruments (such as tensile pressure testing machines, material testing machines, and environmental testing machines) for various industries. Catering to diverse materials like rubber, tape, leather, electronics, wire, metal, woven fabric, etc., it comes with suitable fixtures to meet international standards such as ASTM, ISO, CNS, and JIS, among others.

The proprietary PT-VA software, developed for material testing machines, offers real-time curve generation during tests, facilitates data and graphic analysis, data classification storage, multi-curve comparison, graphic and custom report output, and EXCEL output. Its user-friendly interface allows operators to quickly acclimate, and conduct quality verification for samples, semi-finished, and finished products, thereby aiding in the understanding of product quality. The PT-VA software is also multilingual, supporting Chinese, Japanese, and English.

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