Revolutionizing healthcare: Taiwan’s medical AI innovations

Taiwan is emerging as a major hub for innovation in medical Artificial Intelligence (AI), with companies like FaceHeart Corp. and Heroic Faith Medical Science at the forefront. 

Leveraging AI’s transformative potential, these companies are introducing pioneering technologies, ranging from remote health monitoring apps to AI-enhanced continuous breathing devices, fundamentally changing the landscape of healthcare.

FaceHeart’s app, FH Vitals, uses AI and remote photoplethysmography to monitor vital signs via a selfie video, simplifying daily health checks. Awaiting FDA approval, FaceHeart anticipates being a pioneer in the U.S. market. 

Heroic Faith’s AI-based continuous breathing sound monitoring device, Airmod, alerts users of abnormal breathing situations in noisy environments, enhancing safety in procedures like dental and plastic surgeries. Airmod has FDA approval and is used by over 20 medical centers.

Other examples of AI applications include Edwards Lifesciences’ AI-driven bedside monitoring system that alerts physicians about potential high-risk conditions in patients, and AESOP Technology’s RxPrime and DxPrime, which help prevent medication errors and automate medical coding for billing, respectively. 

Robotic surgery, another advancement driven by AI, is transforming the field with increased precision and faster recovery times. 

Despite the high initial investment, the long-term benefits of these AI-driven medical technologies are expected to save costs, enhance patient outcomes, and increase healthcare capacity.

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