SRAM Announces New Production Facility in Taichung, Taiwan

SRAM, a leading manufacturer of high-end bicycle components, has announced its newest production facility in Taichung, Taiwan. The facility has been designed to enhance the competitiveness of the brand, optimize productivity, maximize efficiency, and ensure quality. SRAM has been a committed manufacturer in Taiwan for over three decades and continues to fulfill vital functions for the global business.

The new facility in north Taichung is the most advanced of the three SRAM locations in Taiwan. It features carbon fiber fabrication, die-casting, and plastic injection molding, and will provide the ideal workspace for team members. The relocation is set to be complete in 2024, and all relevant operations will resume at the new facility.

“I am very pleased we are making this investment,” said SRAM’s founder and board chairman, Stan Day. “The people here are extraordinary, and they represent such an integral part of the cycling industry’s supply chain. We are excited to expand our capabilities in Taiwan as it’s a very productive and quality-driven location to manufacture our product lines.”

SRAM remains committed to inspiring cyclists by producing innovative world-class bicycle components. The brand’s new facility in Taichung will help achieve this commitment by enhancing workspace environments for team members. Additionally, SRAM will continue to strengthen its connection with the Taichung community and contribute to the region’s economic growth.

SRAM’s three key locations in Taiwan, including Shen Kang, the Asian headquarters, and Taichung, the location of the Asia Development Centre, have been instrumental in the brand’s success. With the opening of its newest and most advanced facility in Taichung, SRAM is set to further strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of high-end bicycle components.

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