Kuwait deports 9,000 ex-pats in three months: India tops the list of deportees

Kuwait has deported over 9,000 ex-pats in the first quarter of 2023, according to reports by local media. The individuals were involved in criminal and misdemeanor cases.

Of the 9,000 deportees, over 4,000 were female. Indian nationals topped the list of deportees followed by Filipinos, Sri Lankans, and Egyptians.

According to reports, over 700 men and women have currently been placed in deportation centers and will be deported within 10 days.

Kuwait imposes restrictions on the ex-pat population

Last week, Kuwait announced decisions to restrict the ex-pat population and confiscate 300,000 ex-pat driving licenses.

Kuwait officials have submitted an advisory report to the government to introduce ex-pat quotas. The Ministry of Interior also formed a new committee to withdraw driving licenses from ex-pats who hold a salary of less than KWD600 and those who do not have a university degree.

The report to introduce ex-pat quotas highlighted several issues that were the focus of the recommendations, including fixing the demographic imbalance, improving the quality of expatriate workers, and reducing the number of unskilled ex-pat workers.

The report also suggested implementing a quota for each nationality in the country to ensure that it does not exceed 25 percent of the number of Kuwaitis.

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