Taipei Cycle 2023: Addressing Industry Challenges and Promoting Sustainability

In Taiwan, the bicycle industry is looking forward to the return of the Taipei International Cycle Show after a three-year absence.

The event provides an opportunity for industry members to discuss pressing challenges face-to-face.

The Taiwan bicycle industry had a successful year in 2022, with e-bike exports increasing by 18.1% to €1.449 billion and regular bicycle exports rising by 23% from €1.2 billion in 2021 to €1.5 billion.

One significant challenge faced by the industry is the large fluctuations between production and demand.

Manufacturers struggled to meet the high demand for products in recent years, leading to an oversupply in 2022 and high inventory levels worldwide.

Industry leaders believe the situation will normalize later this year.

Pon CEO Janus Smalbraak urges patience, acknowledging a “mismatch of stock” in manufacturing but expressing optimism for the long-term trend.

The Taipei Cycle Show, with its high number of international exhibitors, may help the industry resolve these issues and reduce inventory levels.

Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) Chairman and KMC CEO Robert Wu highlighted sustainability as another challenge for the industry.

With other sectors making progress in sustainability, the bicycle industry is only just beginning.

Taiwan’s bicycle industry has established the Bicycle Alliance for Sustainability (BAS) to future-proof the industry and meet sustainability regulations in the world markets.

Many companies are now exploring ways to make their bicycle production processes more sustainable, starting with their Taiwanese component suppliers.

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