Taiwan launches domestic wind turbine installation vessel: Green Jade

Taiwan has unveiled Green Jade, its inaugural domestically-constructed wind turbine installation ship, marking a significant stride in the burgeoning sector.

Green Jade stands out with its capability to install the upcoming generation of large wind turbines, offering impressive loading capacity, lifting heights, and sustainable technologies. These features make the vessel economical and align with industry trends.

The official inauguration of Green Jade took place on June 30 at the CSBC shipyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The vessel reflects the nation’s push to elevate domestic participation in the sector. The ship is a product of the CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering (CDWE) collaboration, which was formed between CSBC and Belgium’s offshore giant, DEME, in 2019. This alliance aimed to leverage European industry expertise to foster Taiwan’s domestic offshore wind segment.

Green Jade’s design drew inspiration from DEME’s Orion, one of the sector’s colossal offshore wind installation vessels. After securing significant offshore wind contracts in Taiwan, CDWE confirmed the construction of the Taiwanese vessel in 2020.

However, the vessel’s construction didn’t come without hurdles. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and other logistical challenges, Green Jade lagged by over seven months from its planned schedule. The shipyard cites this vessel as Taiwan’s costliest commercial ship ever, as well as the largest and most intricate vessel they’ve ever crafted.

Boasting a length of 710 feet and approximately 60,000 dwt, Green Jade is uniquely designed to transport several jackets and foundations in one trip. It has an expansive deck space, a 4,000-ton crane, and accommodations for up to 160 people. It’s also environmentally conscious, equipped with dual-fuel engines, a waste heat recovery system, and various fuel-efficiency measures.

Green Jade is set to commence operations in July, working on the 298 MW Zhong Neng project in the Taiwan Strait, followed by the massive Hai Long wind farms. CDWE also plans to offer the vessel’s services for projects in adjacent Southeast Asian nations.

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