Trunsun celebrates 50 years of excellence in waterproof outdoor wear

Trunsun, a pioneering manufacturer of outdoor waterproof products, marks a milestone this year, celebrating five decades of unparalleled expertise in the industry. 

Renowned for innovative fishing waders, agricultural boots, and a wide range of waterproof footwear, the company has carved out a unique niche in the market.

Operating out of two strategically located factories in Taiwan, Trunsun has always prioritized swift and efficient production. Trunsun’s flexibility in manufacturing, offering both ODM & OEM models, sets them apart in a competitive landscape.

Central to Trunsun’s success is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This customer-centric approach is further bolstered by a robust R&D team, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The company’s dedication to design excellence is evident in its patented products. While aesthetics is a significant factor, Trunsun emphasizes the importance of ergonomics in every design, ensuring functionality is at the forefront. 

Trunsun has taken a bold step towards sustainability in response to growing environmental concerns. Every Trunsun product will be crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring we play our part in preserving the planet,” shared the spokesperson.

A standout feature of Trunsun’s offerings is its adaptability in managing bulk orders and smaller requests, making them a preferred choice for a diverse clientele.

Moreover, Trunsun’s warehousing solutions are tailored to address varied storage challenges, further solidifying the company’s position as an industry leader.

As Trunsun marches into the future, they continue to set the gold standard in outdoor waterproof wear, blending innovation with sustainability.

For further information on Trunsun International Trading Co., Ltd., visit the company’s website at


Owner: Mrs. Rose Huang

Business Phone Number: +886-4-7586588


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