United Chen Industrial leads in shoe-making machinery with an extensive portfolio

United Chen Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1980, has become a leading provider of shoe-making machinery and equipment.

With a focus on various aspects of shoe manufacturing such as plastic processing, hydraulic pressing, rubber processing, and EVA foaming, the company offers a wide range of machines including cutting, grinding, splitting, and roughening machines.

United Chen’s commitment to R&D and quality has led to exports to over 20 countries and partnerships with the biggest sporting brands.

The Taiwan-based company operates a 12,000-square-meter factory and a customer service center in China, boasting an ISO 9000 certification.

Over its history, United Chen has developed more than 120 shoemaking machine models, ensuring top-tier products that fulfill customers’ production needs.

Contact Information:

Company Fax Number: +886-4-25248625

Office Address:

420No.20, Dongyang Rd., Fongyuan City, Taichung City 420, Taiwan 

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