Abdullah Alsakabi

Abdullah Alsakabi holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s in economics, while also covering over 1,200 hours of training in programs encompassing project management, strategic management, and risk management. Throughout his career, Alsakabi has navigated diverse fields including finance, healthcare, media, education, technology, hospitality, and sustainability in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He has been spearheaded as a representative and spokesperson on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for varied international events and commencements and has been an active member of many top-tier boards. Over 14 years at King Saud University, his passion for teaching has nurtured thousands of students.

Can you outline Blue Rays’ operations in Saudi Arabia?

Blue Rays is not just a holding company; it is a vision that came to life in Riyadh in 2022. It is a company keen to invest in strategically promising sectors, particularly in services, creativity, and childcare and social services. Our first strategy involves identifying small entities with talented teams poised for growth. We provide the necessary expertise and resources while ensuring we do not acquire a majority share of the company, allowing the team to retain their enthusiasm and drive. The second strategy focuses on esteemed entities lacking effective leadership or a promising crew. In such case, we take complete ownership, leveraging the existing legacy to ensure the anticipated growth by assembling a high-capability team fully dedicated to the goal set. The third strategy revolves around creating new entities from the ground up when there are no suitable existing ventures to invest in and when the market is unsaturated. Whatever the project or entity, Blue Rays draws inspiration to forge distinctive paths that nurture growth and progress across all aspects of the business ventures. Guided by our team of experts, we aim to guide our subsidiary companies toward excellence, contributing to the continuous evolution of our industry and nation.

How would you assess the entrepreneurial landscape in Saudi Arabia thus far?

The entrepreneurial landscape in Saudi Arabia is expanding significantly, and the opportunities are extremely promising. It is exciting to witness the emergence of a new wave of young entrepreneurs who are filled with passion and innovative ideas. Their enthusiasm, determination, and fresh perspectives drive this positive transformation, making it an exciting and promising time for those who choose to support these rising leaders.

Which of your services has received greater interest from clients?

Blue Rays offers a wide range of services, including marketing (social media and identity management), media production, technology, business development, public relations, and consulting. These services have been particularly in demand by our subsidiaries as they seek our expertise and unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive support, from detailed market analyses and project initiation to project completion, aiming to drive growth and development. We are committed to providing integrated services with a focus on high reliability and quality.

How is your investment portfolio composed?

We take pride in serving various industries. What unites them all is their shared aspiration to become leaders and innovators in their industry. We are highly committed to an ongoing search for sectors with opportunities for further expansion and low levels of competition. This approach allows us to gain a significant market share by supporting our subsidiaries. One of our subsidiary companies is a well-established media production company that we helped grow by 200% in less than three months. Another is a marketing and strategy company that complements many of our other business models. A third company is a nursey that aims to support working parents and mothers by providing a well-studied systematic educational and nurturing program for children. We support these entities with financial advisory services from top experts in the field, and we intend to diversify our portfolio further to continue to provide a diversified supporting force for our economy where and when needed.

Looking ahead, what are your key priorities and goals for the coming year?

We achieved our goals at Blue Rays more quickly than anticipated and were able to retain unique results, especially considering the youth and size of the company. As a result, for the coming year, the priority is to ensure the ongoing increase and growth of our subsidiaries. The second priority is to expand one of our company’s operations abroad, with substantial support from the government for national companies and industries pursuing international goals. We also continue to scout opportunities for promising companies and unique investments that we can acquire to expand our presence in sector markets.

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