Solar and wind power hit a new milestone

Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) recently reported that solar and wind power generated almost one-third of Taiwan’s electricity, setting a new record.

Electricity from solar and wind amounted to 7 gigawatts, or 31.53 percent of the power generated, which surpassed the previous record of 31.21 percent set in January 2022.

Taipower attributed the milestone to fair weather conditions.

Taiwan also hit a milestone after solar and wind power generated more than 15 percent of the country’s electricity for seven consecutive days, according to Taipower.

The government aims to boost green power generation to 15 percent of the nation’s energy mix by 2025.

Taipower data showed that gas remains the nation’s largest power source, generating around 33 percent of its energy.

The growth in renewable power generation could also be linked to the installation of more solar panels and wind turbines in Taiwan.

Last year, the country generated 20.08 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity from solar and wind, amounting to about 8 percent of all power generated.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs expects renewable sources to produce an additional 2 gigawatts of electricity this year, equal to the power generated by two nuclear reactors.

Taipower’s Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Tseng Wen-sheng, who is acting chairman, said he does not expect the retirement of a nuclear power plant to cause a shortage in the power supply, as increases in renewable energy would offset the impact.

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