Making a Mark as a Manufacturer in Optical Communications Space- ACON OPTICS

In the wake of the pandemic, the world has recognized the urgent need for 5G infrastructure, posing a challenge for telecommunications companies in integrating 5G components into existing infrastructure.

A leading equipment manufacturer in the telecom industry encountered a similar obstacle when attempting to integrate 5G components into 5G Small cell and Pico cell base stations.

Due to space constraints, the original LC standard connector could not be utilized, prompting the manufacturer to enlist the expertise of ACON OPTICS.

With over two decades of experience in optical communications and a range of R&D, design, and manufacturing capabilities, ACON OPTICS developed a new LC mini connector series, including the LC mini 32mm Connector and LC BTW 25mm connector.

This miniaturized product line allowed customers to optimize the use of space in the existing box, demonstrating the success of one of the many fruitful partnerships ACON OPTICS has established over the years.

ACON OPTICS specializes in passive fiber optics interconnect and optical components for various solutions in telecommunications, data centers, fiber to the antenna, and fiber to the home. The company offers a diverse range of data center-related products, including multifiber push-on (MPO) series, LC high-density connectors, LC light-transmitting connectors and adapters, LC mini connector series, micro LC connectors, and adapters, and high-density cassettes, among others.

Arthur Wang, the company’s president, notes, “In addition, we also provide high-density cassettes that can effectively save space and improve performance.”

ACON OPTICS’s extensive portfolio and industry know-how have fostered a sense of trust with its clientele, leading to partnerships with the world’s top three major communication equipment manufacturers.

ACON OPTICS has also provided solutions for clients who encountered difficulties deploying optical fiber cables in old European and American buildings with reserved tubes but no optical fiber cables. The team at ACON OPTICS designed a series of air-blown connectors, pulling eye connectors, and pushable connectors to facilitate the deployment of fiber to the home (FTTR/FTTH/FTTP).

Moreover, ACON OPTICS has developed light-transmitting connectors and high-density rod-type connectors to tackle the challenges of densely packed fiber optic patch cords in data center cabinets, making it easier to plug and unplug cables.

The light-transmitting connector allows for real-time monitoring of system signals, enabling immediate detection of abnormal equipment.

Looking ahead, ACON OPTICS plans to continue focusing on miniaturized designs that maximize effective use of space in limited areas and high-density multi-channel ferrule design to enhance transmission efficiency and address infrastructure-related challenges faced by its clients.

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