Advanced Automated Dumpling Machine Designs for Producing Artisanal Food Products

ANKO’s most powerful Dumpling Machine, the “HLT-700U Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine” not only can handle a wide range of ingredients but also can produce dumplings that are plump and look handmade. It can also process both cooked and raw ingredients that have different textures and consistencies, such as less oil, high roughage fillings, cooked meats that are less viscous, etc. HLT-700U has a capacity of producing 2,000 to 12,000 pieces per hour, which is suitable for large food factories, central kitchens, and independently owned restaurants.

New ARTISAN Molds Produce Perfect Dumplings with Handmade Pleats

Since the HLT-700U Machine hit the market, “can make different dumplings” and “Artisan Molds” have attracted many food manufacturers. The Artisan Molds include Handmade Pleats Mold, Thin Edge Mold, and Wave Edge Mold which can be acquired according to the client’s requirements. The Wave Edge Mold has gained popularity in the market. In addition, the height and number of waves can be customized. It’s suitable for making Chinese dumplings, Pierogi, Sambousek, and Ravioli.

The Food Machine First “Built-in IoT System”

ANKO launched the Internet of Things (IoT) System as a pioneer in the automated food machine industry. All the manufacturing data and the production yield rate can be overseen by managers on a mobile device remotely, and the data can be collected and processed through Big Data Analytics to support decision-making. Moreover, ANKO’s IoT system automatically detects the parts that require maintenance and sends alerts to ANKO Dashboard. This information can be easily accessed and will help to manage short-term and long-term maintenance goals better.

ANKO is based in Taiwan and established a US branch office in Los Angeles, California. In order to provide direct sales and local services, ANKO works with 16 agents and business partners in Asian countries, Middle East countries, and European countries. Besides the HLT-700U machine, we also offer professional food machines to produce Ethnic Foods, such as the newly launched EMP-900 Empanada Making Machine and SR-27 Spring Roll Production Line. Please feel free to contact us to get more information to expand your business into the food market.

About ANKOANKO Food Machine Co. Ltd. is a professional food machine and food production consultancy company that emphasizes automated ethnic food production. We provide introductory services to assist traditional food businesses that can help you transition smoothly into highly efficient automated production and turnkey services. ANKO was established in 1978 and we have more than 45 years of experience in food machinery manufacturing. We strive to meet our clients’ food production equipment requirements, and we have successfully sold our machines to 112 countries Worldwide. If you are looking for a food machine supplier that can provide you with high-quality food machinery and professional production solutions, ANKO is your best choice. For more information, please visit our Official Website.

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