Taiwan Excellence Showcases Automotive Innovation at AAPEX 2023

Taiwan demonstrated its innovative strength in the automotive industry during the “Ingenuity in Motion: Accelerating with Taiwan’s Best” product launch at AAPEX 2023. 

Four award-winning companies—Chimei Motor, CUB, EverFocus, and MiTAC Digital—revealed AI and IoV technologies poised to shape the future of vehicles and the global automotive sector.

The event, organized by Taiwan Excellence, featured advanced solutions like AI-based driver monitoring systems for enhanced safety, AI mirrors providing voice and visual alerts, smart dashcams for better navigation, and ADAS systems to prevent accidents.

Highlights from the event included:

Chimei Motor showcased its BSIS and DMS systems, harnessing AI to detect risks and monitor driver behavior for improved safety.

CUB introduced their ADAS and TPMS solutions, focusing on vehicle safety and innovative detection systems for large blind spots.

EverFocus presented AI solutions for smart transportation, including a next-gen rear view system with pedestrian and cyclist detection.

MiTAC Digital unveiled the MioEYE™, a smart fleet camera solution enhancing fleet safety and management through high-resolution videos and data analysis.

Following the product launch event, attendees participated in a guided tour of the pavilion featuring innovative products, including: 

APACH’s Super Stubby Air Impact Wrench 

Conquer’s four new fuses 

DEPO’s LED headlamps and taillights 

HYPHONE’s Flexible Head Air Random Orbital Sander 

Kenda Tire’s Vezda Touring 4S 4-season tire 

MSI’s Smart EV Charger 

Topower’s heavy duty LED headlights 

Zealio Electronics’ LED logo carpet and doorsill illumination

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